Happy 1,000 Followers everyone! As promised, I’m throwing you guys a major curveball by revealing one of the brand new things that will be featured in Journey of the Spark.

Here is our envisioning of the Changeling Empire! Featured in the opening to the film, the creative team behind the project ventured outside of the show to bring you a fresh new take on the Changeling home world. Here’s some of the visual developments and ideas our amazing team brought to the table.

The brand new updates don’t stop there! We’ve still got a few more things to share with you guys!

An Update About Production Staff Applications

Hello Everyone, this is Eric again and I would like to make a quick update about anyone who has filled out an application for the Journey of the Spark Production Staff.

We have finally gone over and E-Mailed everyone who sent us an application. So if you filled out an application and did not get a reply right away, you should have gotten something. We apologize sincerely for the massive delay in our responses, but hopefully everything should be in order now.

Thanks again for waiting patiently!

"Journey of the Spark" is Heading to Midwestria!


You heard it right everypony! Journey of the Spark will be hosting its very first panel at Midwestria in St. Charles, Illinois on Sunday, September 16th! While I might not be able to make it to the con on such short notice, a few of my fellow crew mates will be presenting the panel for attendees at Midwestria!

If you’re heading out there, stop by our panel for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look a the making of film including two fully animated scenes from the film as well as concept art, storyboards, and a whole lot more!

Remember, our panel will be on Sunday, September 16th at 1:00PM! I hope you guys enjoy what the team and I are working on!

Introducing: Forest Rain

We’ve got another big announcement everypony! We’ve finally acquired a songwriter to help bring the musical aspect of Journey of the Spark to life. So please say hello to Brony musician Forest Rain!

Forest has been seen in the community making covers as well as producing his own original songs including the hit single “Hay Ms. Derpy” and was one of the main contributors to The Massive Smile Project in which he produced and created. In Journey of the Spark, Forest will be using his talents to write the original songs found within the film’s soundtrack.

We’re incredibly ecstatic to have him on board for the project and he is too! Look forward to the many amazing songs we’re collaborating on and look forward to a possible demo release!

All’s Well That Ends Well

That particular picture you’re looking at is the front cover to the screenplay for “Journey of the Spark”. Just a few moments ago, the writers and I finished writing the grand finale to the film, far before we actually have finished writing the rest of the script.

When it comes to film production, especially for writing, its usually best to work your way backwards or any other way but straight. In the world of storytelling, finding a good beginning and an even greater ending is very difficult to do. Which is why so many people usually focus the most on the beginning and the ending first before thinking about what’s going to happen in the middle.

For “Journey of the Spark”, I actually came up with the ending long before we finally started putting it down on paper and it went through several re-writes before we finally came up with the final version tonight. Having looked at the story’s progression since its inception last year, its incredible to see how much this story has matured in terms of not just its ideas, but its message.

The ending that we managed to conceive is not only heartfelt, but thought-provoking and inspirational and I hope that all of you will enjoy it once “Journey of the Spark” releases in 2014.

"Journey of the Spark" to Possibly Run at 2hrs. 15min?

You did not misread that folks. I literally just said that.

As the scripting process for “Journey of the Spark” starts to become more and more complete, the team and I behind the film have been estimating the possible runtime that the finished product might end up having. It would appear as though the film will run just a little over 2 hrs.

My original goal with the film was to have the runtime be no longer than 1hr 50min. But it would seem as though that’s not going to happen. The story we initially wanna tell is far too big in scope to have at that length and as nervous as I am that the story will end up being this long, I’m still hoping to deliver on something truly extraordinary.

Please note however that this is only an estimate for what the final runtime might look like and is NOT final. How long will the film eventually run? Who knows for sure. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.