Introducing: Megan Garcia

Has the time finally come at last!? Zecora has finally joined the cast! That’s right everyone! Ponyville’s resident shaman/potion-maker, one that speaks in rhyme no less, is finally joining the cast for Journey of the Spark. In the film, Zecora is being performed by Megan Garcia, known mostly on YouTube as SooperTanzy.

And while Zecora’s role in the film is not as big as the rest of the main cast, she is still relatively vital to the story in a much more subtle manner. Regardless, we’re extremely excited to have Megan on board for the film and we hope you’ll be just as excited when she makes her appearance in Journey of the Spark when it releases in 2014.

  1. toastheaven said: Yaaay! Welcome to the cast funtime party!
  2. sigilspark said: This project has me so excited. Zecora is one of my favorite supporting characters. :D
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