In Loving Memory: Leticia Sayes (1949-2011)


On October 19, 2011, my family and I lost a loved one. That incredible woman was my grandmother, Leticia Sayes. I loved my grandma just as much as I did my own mother. If there was anyone in my family who loved and appreciated what I wanted to do with my life, it was her. My grandma always told me to never give up, that pursuing my dreams of becoming a film director wasn’t impossible.

She knew how much I loved film so much, she use to drive me out to Los Angeles all the time to take tours of the biggest studios in Hollywood. Its thanks to her that I got to privately tour the Disney Animation Studio back in 2006.

My grandmother, in many ways, was very much like her own element of generosity, she constantly gave and more often than not, never really asked for anything in return than the love of her family. Whenever people would put me down or I needed help to do something relating to my projects, she would always give me the push to make it happen. I’ve shared so many wonderful memories with my grandma, and she will truly be missed.

So why am I making a post related to her? Well, its because I’d like to celebrate her in a different way. When Journey of the Spark releases, I will be putting a commemorative message at the end of the film in her memory.

In Loving Memory of Leticia Sayes (May 9, 1949 - October 19, 2011)
My Grandmother
For telling me, like so many other people, to never give up.

My grandma never lived long enough to see my first film become a reality. But now, she won’t have to. Journey of the Spark will be her dedication. It will be a film that shows her that I haven’t forgotten about her and that someday, she’ll get to see me become successful in another life.

I’ll miss you grandma. But just know that I haven’t given up and to be frank, I never will.

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