Lighting the Spark: A Special Thanks to the BroNEcast Team

As Journey of the Spark draws itself closer and closer to finally exiting pre-production, I’ve found myself receiving countless offers to appear on Brony related podcasts and talk-shows to discuss the progress on the film. Having appeared not only on Everfree Radio, but BronyVille and BronyTalkShow in the process really goes to show how interested people are in seeing this film come to life.

Hell, the film is gaining so much steam that it somehow managed to sneak its way to my college campus, so much to the point where the school newspaper actually wrote an article on the film and myself, one that I will actually post a picture of soon!

But out of all of those experiences, none was more heartfelt, personal, and magical as the interview experience I had last Sunday on BroNEcast.

The proposition of myself appearing on BroNEcast came up as a random happenstance when one of our vector artists, Chris Mefford, pitched the idea of being interviewed by the crew of the podcast as Chris was good friends with them. Thanks to Chris, I got in contact with Laugh Track, the host of BroNEcast, a small brony-related podcast set up in Nebraska.

After a few talks and the both of us made proper introductions, Laugh Track penciled me in as a replacement guest for the 14th of October if their previously planned guest did not reply back to them. Needless to say, come the weekend of the 14th, I was sick with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. What made things even more strange was that on the day I was recovering, the podcast’s previously planned special guest never replied back. So, I was brought in to replace him.

What resulted from the interview on the podcast was something very strange. At the time the podcast was being recorded, I was suffering from a relatively dark emotional slump. Despite what many of you might think of me, I suffer from having very low self-respect, fearing that I might fail in not only finishing my film, but failing my friends and family.

Many of the past interviews I’ve done, I’ve been a little more secretive about who I really am as a person. But the strange thing about BroNEcast was that, I felt at peace with being myself. Every question that was asked, I answered with honesty and sincerity. I talked at great lengths about what Friendship is Magic and the fandom meant to me and what Journey of the Spark means to me and the result of that interview left the crew and the viewers inspired and… emotionally moved.

Its so strange, hearing that my views and beliefs on what I want to do with my life emotionally moving and inspiring people. It really made me rethink how I view myself as a human being. When I left BroNEcast, I gained many fans and friends in the process. So much so that the crew from the podcast want to help get me to make an appearance next year at PoN3Con in Nebraska in addition to the appearance I’ll be making at Everfree Northwest in 2013. In addition to that, Laugh Track, the host of BroNEcast, is setting me up to appear on a Charity Livestream event, my very first.

The way I see it, I’m a filmmaker and a storyteller because I want to tell stories that often make us question who we are as human beings and really appreciate ourselves for the wonderful qualities we possess. Journey of the Spark aims to be just that and the fact that I managed to leave such a huge impact on the people who listened in who had never heard of me before and want nothing more than to see me succeed… well, that means the world to me.

So, I would like to give a special thanks to Laugh Track and the rest of the BroNEcast team for inviting me onto the show and letting me be who I am and never once judging me for it. That interview, to say the least, lit a spark in me. A spark that I hope will never die out.

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