Interview Announcement + Question Box Re-Opening!

Big news everyone. It was just confirmed last night that I will be appearing on “Stay Brony, My Friends” with DustyKat on Everfree Radio on Monday, August 20th at 5PM PDT. I’m going to be interviewed and “Journey of the Spark” is at full center. I cannot tell you guys how ecstatic I am to appearing on the show. I hope for any newcomers to the film I’ll be able to answer any and all questions you have concerning the production.

Also, I’m going to be hosting an interview livestream very soon with the voice actress for Princess Celestia, Jen McGregor! So if you guys wanna ask any questions about her role in film, stay tuned and I’ll post a concrete date of when we’ll be doing the interview!

Speaking of which, I’m briefly re-opening the Question Box for all you eager fans wanting to find out some interesting tidbits about the movie. So ask away! The question box is only for a short time before I close it again!

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