Production Blog is Closing

Before I start off this message, I’d like to take some time to thank all of our fans that have supported us for the last 3 years. Making this movie has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had and we cannot appreciate your enthusiasm enough. 

However, we underestimated multiple things and unforeseen circumstances have placed me and the entire film crew under a relatively unexpected position. As such, I will be closing down the film’s production blog. We can no longer update with the film’s progress as frequently as we used to.

I know that this announcement is sudden and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I have ultimately reached an impasse in which I can no longer provide any more information about Journey of the Spark and its production on here. 

As an alternative, I invite everyone to follow the blogs from myself as well as our producers. We can provide more answers to your questions on there and I will be updating about various things sometime in the future from my own blog. I wish I could provide more details concerning the situation that we’re in, but I simply cannot. I thank everyone for your patience and support and I hope that all of you understand.

Many thanks to all of you who have made the last three years of my life an amazing experience. 

~ Eric Ridenour (Writer/Director of Journey of the Spark)

Blogs To Follow:
Eric Ridenour - Writer/Director
Jonathan Sirois - Executive Producer

We’ll be making a major announcement sometime today or later this weekend. Keep your eyes peeled on the blog as its a relatively big and important announcement to make nonetheless.

My apologies for no recent updates. You’ll find out what’s been happening soon.

Anonymous asked:

An official website sounds awesome! But that won't mean the end of asking and answering questions, will it?

I’m gonna have to start limiting questions because I get so many story questions pertaining to the movie’s script and I can’t answer any of them because they pertain to spoilers. That’s one of my biggest issues. Plus, I’m sort of getting tired of spamming the blog with Q&A posts. 

So I may go through the Inbox and just start deleting questions. I haven’t fully decided yet.

Anonymous asked:

history with discord and the royal sisters? I'm new and haven't read all the posts yet and I'd like to know

Not very much. It is implied that something happened between Discord and Celestia that essentially made him the way that he is, but its never explicitly stated.

mlp2015ts14 asked:

When it comes to inspirations, do you and the team get inspiration from any TV shows like Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, Ed, Edd n' Eddy and Rurouni Kenshin?

No actually. I took inspiration from film, not really television. My biggest influence when it comes to ANYTHING I do is the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli. Especially in the way I write women. 

When putting the movie together in some cases, I looked at elements from Tales from Earthsea, a little bit of Spirited Away, and a small touch of Castle in the Sky to kind of give this greater sense of comedy, emotion, and drama. But most of the infuences for the film come from Disney and Don Bluth. In many cases you could say we’re trying to make a Disney-ish Pony movie rather than a straight forward pony movie in some cases. Which I don’t think is really a bad thing at all honestly.

It allows for more depth and a little bit of magic to really shine through.

Anonymous asked:

as a new comer to this film, I'd like to know how signifigant is luna is the movie

She’s kind of significant. But she doesn’t have a whole lot of screentime. Its roughly about the same as you would see in the show. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous asked:

how much of the concept trailer is still going to be in the film , considering all the changes

Not much honestly. But that’s for the best, in my opinion. There are some things from the Concept Trailer that are still in the film, but a good majority of what you guys saw is pretty much gone or has been changed around drastically. 

Wait til’ the Convention Run this summer, I think you guys are REALLY gonna like what we have in store! =D

Anonymous asked:

I didn't want to ask a question so much as say this, please be good writer's. Double Rainboom had fans from very category working on it, except writer's, and you saw what most people complained about. Not saying you don't already, just please make sure you do, this looks like a fantastic idea and I don't want it to suffer from the same issues.

The thing that needs to be mentioned concerning this is that I come from a storytelling background, not so much an animation background. For me, writing and telling multi-faceted stories has always been my forte and concerns whenever it comes to directing is how a decision will affect the story.

One thing that also needs to be mentioned is that no fan animation really tries to be identical to one another. We all learn from our mistakes and we need to make mistakes in order for us to get our successes. Regardless of how you feel about Snowdrop or Double Rainboom or other fan animations, they are influential to us because we are capable of taking away from them their strengths and weaknesses so that we can make sure we don’t make the same mistakes. Does that mean the movie is gonna be immune to its own faults? Absolutely not.

But people need to be more open minded to the idea that fan animations will have flaws and they won’t always exceed expectations. We’re gonna try of course, but I feel like people should be more open minded about things like this because in the end, we’re all amateurs trying to make it into the business and these types of projects are our way of learning what we’re capable of achieving.